I am familiar with and specialize in all aspects of genealogical and historical research for Attorneys, Title Insurance Firms, Trust Officers, Heir Tracers and other professionals who require:

 Public Document Search and Retrieval

 Birth, Marriage and Death Record Research

 Due Diligence and Missing Heir Research

Genealogical Interviews and Verification

Compilation of Family Trees

Genealogical Review of Subject's Data

  Library Research Services

  Town Histories, Official Historical Town Records

 Biographies - compendiums and individual publications.

  City Directories, Phone Directories, Governmental Directories, Society  Directories

 Previously published genealogies or histories

Church and cemetery records, published and unpublished.         

  Computer Services

    Social Security Death Index searches

   Numerous subscription database searches

    IGI and Ancestral File searches

Cemetery searches & photography (film or digital), Office inquiries, interment lists, etc.

  Newspaper Research:
Obituaries / Funeral Notices, Marriages, News Events, Court Announcements, etc.  

Areas of research I do not cover:


Criminal Investigations

 Please note:

 Much of my work is similar to what Private Investigators and Heir Tracers do.

 While I do research work for Heir Tracers and Private Investigators I am not one myself. 

Many Heir Tracers and Private Investigators work on locating missing heirs to sign them up to contingency agreements as their fee. I work on an hourly basis and am paid by the client who has hired my services.

If you feel the need for such services I will be happy to make recommendations.

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